Stay Constantly Competitive With The Cloud And Small Business IT Support

Advances in technology and changing demographics have created a major change in client and customer behaviours. The widescale accessibility of social media platforms has made professional reputations more important than ever as consumers interact with businesses in a myriad of ways.

For small businesses to remain competitive, you need to increase internal and external communications, and harness big data and analytics to predict your customers’ needs. EMP Technologies can help you take advantage of the Cloud to achieve these things and better engage with your customers.

Utilizing our team’s expertise, you can:

Engage clients

EMP Technologies cost-effective IT solutions will allow your organization to connect and engage with your clients in unique and effective ways, like mobile transactions and e-commerce. We also provide client support that is timely and always available.

Empower employees

We understand your employees need to be able to do their jobs from anywhere, at any time, using the devices most familiar to them. EMP Technologies helps you utilize the right technology to make it easier for your employees to connect, collaborate, and interact with each other no matter where they are.

Turn data into business insights

Data-driven decision-making is a smart business practice. Work with EMP Technologies to utilize the right business analytics tools to turn your data into actionable insight and make optimal decisions at the right time to bring new products and services to the market rapidly and effectively.

Reduce IT costs

A strategic and personalized IT infrastructure will reduce your IT costs significantly. EMP Technologies solutions for small businesses are usage-based and, thus, cost-effective. You pay per license, per user, so you only ever pay for the infrastructure you need and actually use.

Business Cloud Hosting

Business Cloud Hosting is the latest and so far most innovative, while affordable, hosting solution to come into the market. “Divide and rule” is the basic main premise behind cloud hosting. In this case, the resources your website needs are spread across a cluster of servers that work together. This cluster of servers is what we call “the cloud”.

On the cloud. your website is then not only hosted on one, but in several servers connected to work together, giving it the ability to handle high spikes in traffic and virtually minimizing its downtime.

Business Cloud Hosting is for you if you have:

E-commerce Website

Online consumers no longer have the patience to wait for long loading times, especially when they’re keen to buy your products NOW. Our Business Cloud Hosting solutions give your online store the ability to load faster – allowing your customers to convert faster!

High Traffic Website

Even catalogue-type of websites can receive a lot of traffic. Don’t let surprise publicity or an influx of traffic from your social media pages make your website crash. An unexpected surge of traffic should be a positive thing – not a reason to worry.

Data Intensive Website

If you’re looking to host a web system or application, or a website with an extensive database, then our Business Cloud Hosting solutions are perfect for you. With a dedicated RAM and CPU, and a cluster of servers working to keep your site up at all times, you can trust that surges in information or spikes in visits won’t result in the dreaded “403 forbidden” error.